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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ for Drivers FAQ for Companies
1 Is there any cost or charge for drivers?
2. What happens after I fill out the form?
3. What if I don't want to work for the company that calls?
4. What happens if I don't get any calls?
5. What kinds of companies will call me?
6. How soon will I be contacted?
7. Do I have to be a computer guy to figure it out?
1. Why is it faster to recruit this way?
2. What makes Directory4Drivers a better way to recruit?
3. Why Directory4Drivers.Com?
4. Can I try it out?
5. What is the cost?
6. What will happen if I hire one of the applicants, will other companies still contact him?
7. What guarantee do I have that I will get a hire?

FAQ for Drivers

No. There never is any kind of charge to the driver. It is completely FREE, and you may return as often as you wish to update your information.

Just wait, companies will come to you. Very shortly you will have companies that have a need for your experience call you for an interview. It is your choice to interview, or not. We recommend that if you make appointment please keep it.

You certainly are under no obligation to interview or except any offers for employment. This service is intend to make everyone life easier. It is our hope that you will find a good company to work for, as it is our intent to help companies find the right hire as well.

It is important to fill out the form completely. Be truthful, but complete. Make sure that you do have all previous employers, and you do have all endorsements, and where you are able to work. List all of your experience. The more choices you have the more matching you will get. If you are not called within the week return to the form it will place you on top of the pile again. There is no charge to come back again and again. If you move or any information changes you can return and update at no charge.

Companies will contact you, searching for people with your skill set only. This eliminates waste of time. What you will find is that there no longer is a need to drive around town wasting time. Taking days off of work to fill out endless applications, with may rejections. Because you list your qualifications one time only and they enter a search with the skill sets they are looking for. The matches are based on direct matches. So you can be sure what you are looking for is what the company contacting you is looking for as well.

As soon as you complete the form you are in the database. It maybe as soon as hours (you never know). It certainly is very fast. You could be working with a new employer in a matter of days not weeks. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes of your time. And you can do it at any time at your convenience.

No. The form is very simple. If you can write an application, then you can fill out the form. Some people that don't have computers ask their wives or friends to help them log on. You will find it very easy though. Just remember to have all the information that you would normally take to a company when filling out an application with you when you begin in order to be complete.

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FAQ for Companies

First off you don't have to wait till the end of the week for an ad to hit the streets. You log on and set the qualifications that your company searches for. When returning to Directory4Drivers.Com your search is saved, or you can create a different search. Instead of having 50 applicants show up Monday morning none of which meets your standards. You get the short list now. Search today interview tomorrow, any day of the week.

Well, other forms of advertising for drivers usually attract candidates that have been laid off or have quit their jobs. Directory4Drivers is a database; you search for candidates with specific skills. We advertise for quality working drivers. You can make the search as broad or targeted as you wish.

Directory4Drivers.com is a database of drivers only. There are no clerks or secretaries here, just drivers. You can search specifics. From CDL Class, to endorsements, types of vehicles driven, and the number of miles yearly, pay, geographical area, points on license, are among a few of the search criteria. No other database spends advertising dollars just to recruit to their web page drivers only.

Sure you can at any time logon and create a search. Go ahead you can play with it for free. You will see the results, but until you purchase the list you will not get the applicants information.

You can purchase 5 applicants that meet your company's short list of specific requirements for only $399.00, or better value 7 applicants for 499.00, but the best value is 10 applicants for only 599.00.

No. After making an offer and the employee excepting the offer you have the ability to make him inactive in the database. Therefore going forward no other companies would get the driver on their search.

We don't guarantee that any of the matches will be hired. Just like other forms of recruitment. What our intent here is to get you the short list to save you time and money. We can't, and have not way of verifying any of the information in the database. You will still have to do you due diligence and check all information sent to you. But you can be assured that faster it will be compared to other forms of recruitment.

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