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There are 4 reasons why you should register with Directory4Drivers.com

  • Best of all, it is totally FREE
  • Only takes minutes to complete the application
  • You wont have to wait for the Sunday paper anymore
  • No more rushing around town from company to company
  • Log on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Accessible from your home, office, public library, or anywhere you have internet access
  • You could be working in a matter of days, not weeks
  • Companies will only contact you if you meet their requirements, so no more of your time wasted
  • Even if your circumstances change, you can easily log in and make the changes.
  • Easy user-friendly forms to fill out on screen
  • Each potential employer will have all your details, saving you time filling out many application forms
We can put you in touch with hundreds of employers that are looking for drivers just like you. Imagine a website that will allow you to find a job where you want to work and doing what you have been trained to do. Then imagine finding this job in a matter of days, not weeks. Imagine no more, and welcome to Directory4Drivers.com
Searches are FREE
Instantly view the number of drivers that match your exact criteria for free, or print packages for as little as $399.99

Find qualified truck drivers
All the specialized tools and services to help you reach your goals and get the exact driver you need for your company. Why pay hundreds of dollars to run an advertisement on Sunday, and then wait for applications to come in on Monday and spend more time sorting through them all.

Get the short list
Get a short list of qualified drivers that meet your requirements NOW. Finding out you will not have a driver for tomorrow's delivery doesn't have to be a disaster.

Streamline the process
This website was designed with the sole purpose of helping transportation departments find the right driver for the job. That is all we do. With only drivers in our custom designed database, you are sure to find someone who meets your exact requirements. You can select fresh applicants ready to go work, TODAY.

Personalized Forms
When you are ready to purchase your drivers, a personalized printout of all the necessary forms is created with your company name and address and all the relevant information. There is no need to re-write or waste time, just have the applicant sign their form and verify their information.

Customized Saved Searches
All searches you create for yourself are saved and named. In the future, should you ever require another driver, you can re-search using the same requirements or customize.

This catalog gives you everything you need to customize your hiring solution. Why place an expensive advertisement, then wait for responses, sift through a large percentage of unsuitable applicants and arrange a large number of interviews when you can search a database with your exact requirements right now. You could be interviewing immediately and when you are ready to hire, all the necessary paperwork will be filled out and just waiting for the driver's signature and for you to verify their documents. What could be simpler?
Driver Testimonials

Jarrod Clark
You guys have made things really simple. My friend told me about the web site and I took a look for my self last Saturday. Not really looking for a job I decided to fill in the form just for kick and giggles, any way it is free. It couldn'tít hurt to be listed. To my surprise I got a call a few days later. To make a long story short Iím now re-employed.
Thanks Directory4Drivers

Juan Lopez
My wife helped me logon one night after reading a little I decided to give it a shot and fill in the form. It only took me a few minutes to completely fill out. I was late so we went to bed. The next morning I already had a call from an employer that wanted to interview me because we match. I never thought that this could work so fast. Amazing.

Peter Williams
Just wanted to thank you for your great site. If anyone had told me how well this works I would have not believed them. I went to your site fill out the simple form, was called in for an interview and was actually working within 3 days. In the past I have spent days filling out applications, and driving many miles, wasting all kinds of time. Then waiting, waiting, and waiting for a call. Only to have the job I wanted go to someone else. This has been the best experience Iíve ever had getting a job.
Thank you D4D

John Harris
Iíve been working at the same place for some time now. Iíve always toyed with the idea of looking for a new job, but I just canít find the time. Companies all want you to come in from 9 to 5 to apply, and thatís when I make my deliveries. In order for me to do that I would have to days off from work, and I just canít afford that. So when I heard of Directory4Drivers I decided to give it a try. I could not believe how many good companies called. Iím now working at a much better place with better pay and hours.
Iíll tell all my friends about this. Thank you,

Tim Gatewood
Iíve never liked spending what seemed liked days sometimes going from company to company filling out applications. In most cases never even getting a phone call telling me anything. I just have never liked it. So when I logged on to Directory4Drivers.com I filled out their form not believing it could work. All I have to say is It does work. I drove to one employer only. He knew what my experience was. And what I was looking for in pay, he also was ready to put me to work. Iíve been working there ever since. This is the way to find a job.

Company Testimonials

Robert Williamson
Iím the operations manager for a large company. And I have never seen the shortage of quality truck drivers as there is today. In addition there is a great difficulty in attracting good people to fill these openings. So when I heard of Directory4Drivers.Com I instantly decided to give it a shot. In todayís market youíve got to explore any new avenues. To my amazement not only was it fast. I found exactly what I was looking for in a matter of minutes. I cut my hiring time in half, with a better candidate then if I would have placed an ad in the paper. There was a significant savings to boot.

This is the way to recruit
Thank you Directory for Drivers

George Cole
Saving time is the name of the game in our industry. I like to fact that I can return to your web page and use exactly the same search I used the last time. Iíve had a lot of success with Directory4Drivers.com and I will continue coming back.

Michael Brown
FinallyÖ a service that I donít have wait for Sundayís paper to appear before I get applicants in the door.

Charles Gooding
I now only talk to candidates that fit the criteria we are looking for. I like getting the short list now. It's great.